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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  July 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the following is a cnn special report. >> one man. four wives. a serial husband leaving in his wake three divorces, one death and a disappearance. >> drew peterson has gone from a person of interest to clearly being a suspect. >> drew peterson, cocky, arrogant. >> please go home. please leave me alone. >> a convicted killer. >> 12 people did the right thing up there. >> serving 38 years for killing his third wife. still suspected of murdering the fourth. >> do you believe that drew peterson killed stacy? >> 100%. >> and now on trial again. allegedly plotting to kill the man who put him behind bars. >> it's the drew peterson story.
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you know, everything is a surprise. it doesn't stop. >> "married to a murderer: the drew peterson story." may 22, 2015. 350 miles south of chicago where the mississippi river meets the illinois banks. candace aikin is about to meet up with the man she believes murdered her niece. >> i want him to know that i'm still here and i'm still fighting for stacy. that stacy is not forgotten. >> stacy peterson, candace's niece, disappeared without a trace in 2007. >> stacy peterson, a 23-year-old mother of two is reported missing. >> stacy peterson was last seen -- >> her story made headlines. >> new allegations. >> a soap opera of sorts, stacy was the fourth wife of drew
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peterson who became the sole suspect in her disappearance. >> i remember the last picture i took of her. and i remember the hug. she was so full of life. a very precious memory. >> a memory frozen in time. candace would never see her niece again. but on this day in court, she would see drew peterson. >> he looked right at me and smiled and called my name. he is very jovial and you know, making jokes. i don't understand where he's really coming from. how he can be so happy. >> peterson is after all, a convicted killer. in 2012, peterson was sentenced to 38 years for killing his third wife, kathleen savio. now he is facing new charges, accused of ordering a hit from behind bars on one of the prosecutors who put him there.
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>> he was a thug. he would threaten people because he had a gun and a badge. >> a conviction would mean peterson would die in prison. >> arrogant, cocky. >> he's been following the case for years. >> it was just his personality. he was the best cop, the smartest guy, the best looking, look at all the women i have. >> a confidence that started early in life. dan boudan first met peterson when they worked together at a burger king in the chicago suburbs. >> drew was a very bright, very dependable, hard working individual. >> something he learned at a young age. >> he had a marine father. he was really tough and also, an alcoholic and they were going out to eat. and the father warned him, be good. behave yourself and you'll sit in that chair. he didn't want to do it. the discipline followed that. >> strong discipline that drove
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peterson to succeed. in his early 20s, he joined the u.s. army's elite division of the military police, protecting visiting presidents like gerald ford. the laying of the wreath, drew was there at one time. gerald ford went up and tripped and drew was the only one in the honor guard that broke out with a chuckle and a laugh. that's drew peterson. >> after two years he left the army and joined the bolingbrook police department in suburban, chicago, eventually becoming an undercover narcotics officer. it was the perfect assignment for peterson. >> drew was trained and to be an expert in covering up and lying and presenting false information. >> but at one point, peterson went too far, organizing an unauthorized investigation. >> drew was charged with misconduct. he did lose his job. he was kicked off that narcotics gig. >> despite being indicted by a grand jury, he fought and got his job back. some say it would be only the first time he got away with a crime.
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>> drew had a tendency to not give up. he would lock on to a person of interest. >> early on, women were definitely peterson's people of interest. >> drew had to have a female companion devoted to him, by him at all times. typical relationship addiction. >> i don't know anyone else married four times, maybe henry viii. >> carol hamilton was the first. high school sweetheart, they soon had two sons but peterson strayed. >> i think drew had a lot of confidence, probably working that undercover cop type thing. it was his job to go out there and flirt and make friends with these women. >> and he his first wife divorced over infidelity which is a pattern throughout his life. >> including his second marriage to vicky connolly. >> everybody said i cheated but
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i went out and sought females elsewhere after the marriage was over. we were still legally married. >> some say there was much more at play. >> vicky was in a serious car accident. there was some question of whether drew tampered with the car, with the brakes. she said that while their marriage was ending, she woke up one night to find drew standing over her bed in a menacing way. >> that second marriage ended ten years after it began. but would the third time be a charm? peterson met kathleen savio, a beautiful accountant in her mid-20s on a blind date. >> this was the man that would be her prince. >> susan remembers him pursuing her sister. >> when she was presented with all the opportunities, the trips, the gifts and the home and having children, it was too hard to resist. he loved her. and that's all she wanted. enter and she loved him. >> yes, very much.
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suburb of bolingbrook. for drew and kathleen peterson's married life began in 1992. it is also where it would later end in 2003. >> the first day he gave her a picture of him and he was in uniform. >> they met on a blind date. kathleen's sister, susan dolman. >> my first reaction was, i don't understand why someone goes on a first date and gives you a picture of themselves. she kind of laughed it off. >> but there was nothing funny about what kathleen would soon discover. her boyfriend drew peterson was married. >> she was told that he was in the process of getting a divorce and the person that he was divorcing was a cocaine addict. she was fooled. >> fooled but also in love and eager to settle down.
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kathleen and drew were engaged six months after that first blind date and married just months after his divorce was final. but once they started a family and had two sons, the romance was over. >> it's not all fun anymore. and drew, i think, likes to have fun. i don't know if he loved their mother anymore. >> nor did he find her attractive anymore and he didn't hesitate to say so. >> saying, she was fat, she looked like a dog, she is ugly. >> their once loving relationship now contentious and increasingly violent. on one occasion, savio ended up in the emergency room with a cut to her head and black and blue marks all over her body. kathleen told susan drew beat her against a table.
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>> she was very upset that drew was never home. never home for the children. never home for her. when he would come home, he would lash out at her. >> hospital records echo what kathleen told her sister. allegations peterson has always denied. >> as a police officer, we don't have the same ability to do things as the common person. if i get involved in a domestic situation where i'm physical with a wife, i'll lose my job. >> as marital tensions rose, peterson's eyes roamed. this time literally right under his wife's nose. as kathleen and her children slept upstairs, 47-year-old drew peterson was down stairs in the basement sleeping with 17-year-old stacy cales. >> we were living in the same house for economics. >> i'm sure he can justify it that way now, like everything
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else when drew talks about kathleen, it's a very one-sided story. >> a story that 17-year-old stacy cales believed. >> i am not real sure what he said to her to make it okay. but stacy was okay with that. she said that she liked him a lot. >> kathleen learned about the affair months later in october of 2001 when she received an anonymous letter telling her about cales. >> she must have been devastated. >> beyond. beyond. >> when she confronted drew, she said it got physical. >> she called me and said drew was hitting her and he threw her against the refrigerator. and he says that it is all a lie. they're just trying to start trouble with him. >> so you talked to him about that letter. >> yes, he denied it. he denied it. >> the marriage was over. by spring of 2002, drew moved in
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with stacy cales, buying a house just down the street from kathleen. is it fair to say that drew and stacy taunted kathleen? >> yeah, by all accounts, yes, yes. >> how? >> rollerblading past her house, giving her the finger. >> the divorce was contentious. they fought over child support and over drew's pension. >> he didn't want his ex-wife to have it. she was not going to give up. she was tough and not going to give in easy. >> during this time, the bolingbrook police officers were called to savio's house 18 times for domestic incidents involving drew and kathleen. some involved kathleen on the attack. others involved drew on the attack. but one stood out. july 5th, 2002. >> he had broken into the house
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and he ordered her to sit on the stairs and he kept her there for hours. holding her at knife point, threatening to kill her. >> and kathleen didn't feel like she was getting any help from the police department. the same department where drew peterson worked. >> and they would just wind up leaving. or they would talk her into not doing anything and saying, you know, it was a spat. >> frustrated and frightened, kathleen wrote to the assistant state's attorney about the abuse on november 14th, 2002. he knows how to manipulate the system and his next step is to take my children away or kill me instead. >> she begged for help. he needs to be stopped. >> and what was the result of that letter? >> nothing. nothing at all. >> nothing until monday night, march 1st, 2004. a year and a half later.
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>> she failed to respond at the door to allow me to bring the children home. i had neighbors go into the house and they found her dead in the bathtub. >> people initially suspected peterson, but he had a seemingly rock solid alibi. he was home with stacy, now his wife. they married five months before kathleen died. a death investigators ruled an accident. but that would soon change. >> i thought that she had been murdered most likely by drew. >> drew peterson's alibi and story unravels when we come back. to a mouthwash had to then i went pro with crest pro-health mouthwash. go pro with crest pro-health. it's formulated to target and kill 99% of germs without the burn of alcohol. so you move to a healthier mouth from day one.
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my brother texted me and he said, we can't find stacy. instantly, in my gut i knew that she was gone. >> october 28th, 2007. the day candace aikin's niece stacy peterson vanished without a trace. >> i thought that she had been murdered most likely by drew.
3:23 pm
>> stacy ann peterson was last seen by her husband, bolingbrook police sergeant drew peterson. >> his previous ex-wife was found dead -- >> aikin was not alone. all eyes were on stacy's husband, illinois police officer drew peterson. a man whose wife had been found dead in the bathtub three years earlier. >> i walk in and there's this little home that goes through this establishment, there's drew peterson, there's drew peterson. >> joe staked out the home when news broke of stacy's disappearance. >> this morning drew peterson spoke to reporters through the front door. >> the first few days he was peeking out the front door and then he was letting people come in to talk to him. >> it was eerie. i had a view of the living room and i had a few watching the kids watching tv. >> strange because they were watching the news coverage. >> she was last heard from on sunday morning. >> about their missing mother. >> drew is not even paying attention to them, he's busy
3:24 pm
talking to his lawyer and his publicity agent. >> i'm not giving up. i'm going to keep looking until she's home. >> everyone seemed worried about stacy peterson's disappearance. everyone except -- drew peterson. >> watch this. >> stacy loves male attention. she could have run off with a guy and she could be dancing somewhere. i don't know. >> i was like, no, no, she doesn't want to disappear. >> candace new stacy would never abandon her children because that's exactly what stacy's mother had done to her. >> stacy has no record of disappearing, no pattern in her life of that at all. >> instead, candace suspected drew got rid of stacy before she could divorce him and fight for the kids. for years, candace had heard about the emotional and possible physical abuse stacy suffered. >> i can tell that she was under a lot of stress. she said that he was accusing
3:25 pm
her of all these different things and she couldn't really go anywhere or do things. >> the marriage had been going through problems since her sister died. >> as peterson had done before, he denied the abuse and blamed his wife. >> she changed very much. where we had her under psychiatric care and we had her medicated for the problems, emotional problems that she was experiencing due to her death. >> there was not any sensitivity to what she was going through. it was like he didn't want her to cry or process the grief. >> candace remembers the night after stacy's sister's funeral in 2006. stacy begged her to sleep in her bed. >> he kept coming in there and wanting her to go but she said no. she wasn't going with him and she didn't want me to get out of the bed. and i was afraid. >> there was unhealthiness and control and manipulation.
3:26 pm
>> pastor neil shory was their minister and marriage counselor. >> he really had a confidence, an arrogance maybe that nothing was going to be found out that would put him in a significantly bad light. >> after half a dozen sessions, the petersons stopped meeting with shory. >> the same issues seemed to continue. so i can't say that anything seemed a whole lot better. >> another peterson marriage in trouble, but this time instead of ending in divorce it ended in a disappearance. a case which made authorities suspicious about the death of peterson's third wife, kathleen savio. was it really an accident in? just weeks after stacy vanished they reopened the once closed case of kathleen's death. investigators exhumed her body for a new autopsy. >> there are tests that need to be done that weren't done during the first autopsy. >> my children and i, we have been believing that, you know, she died in a household
3:27 pm
accident. >> it seemed like pieces to the puzzle were starting to fall into place. >> named the lead suspect in both cases, peterson immediately went on the defensive. confidence, cocky and in control. he talked to anyone that would listen. >> the third wife, what happened? >> don't know. >> what would you say to stay ty, your fourth wife? >> come home. i don't believe she's missing. i believe she's where she wants to be. >> his attorney and peterson himself planned the media blitz. >> is this damage control? >> i wouldn't call it damage control. it is getting both sides of the story out. >> but the plan backfired. january 23rd, 2008, peterson and broadsky were giving a radio interview with steve dobb when broadsky suggested a contest idea, win a date with drew.
3:28 pm
>> i'll do a dating game with you. >> me? >> it's a lawyer. >> why not? >> he looked like a crumb and a heel. it didn't play well. >> didn't play well but peterson would have far bigger problems, far more serious problems like when his own stepbrother claims to have helped him carry a large container out of the peterson home. >> i have no idea what anybody is talking about. >> he said he believes that he helps you dispose of your wife's body. >> and also that he help set up the computer, placing stacy near the airport around the time of her disappearance. >> none of it is true. >> stacy's disappearance was a mystery but kathleen's death was not. february 21, 2008, her accident was reclassified a homicide.
3:29 pm
and a little more than a year later, drew peterson was arrested for and charged with murder. >> bolingbrook police officer drew peterson now under arrest -- >> peterson was arrested in a traffic stop near his bolingbrook home. >> we just watched it on tv. it happened to be a national day of prayer. it felt like a prayer answered. >> a prayer for justice. and a prayer served. >> the government has to convince the jury that there was a homicide. >> there was no sign of forced entry, no fingerprints, no dna. >> inside the trial, when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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by 2011, the real life soap opera of drew peterson and his four wives had moved to hollywood. a television movie focused on the explosive relationship between peterson and his fourth wife stacy. >> i was shocked that it was happening before we know any answers. >> candace aikin's nurse was still missing and peterson was about to be tried for the murder
3:34 pm
of his third wife, kathleen. >> tonight drew peterson finally facing lady justice. >> a sensational trial. a set of carings right out of central casting. first, peterson's legal dream team. six lawyers, all extremely experienced, outspoken, and entertaining. >> i need your sunglasses. there we go. >> at one point, even poking fun at stacy peterson. >> who? stacy who? >> she's on your witness list. >> oh, that stacy. >> there was a lack of respect for the fact that this one woman is missing and the other one is dead. >> we never realized it would be that bad. >> joe brodsky was one of peterson's attorneys. >> it seemed like we were taking a serious situation and making light of it, which i guess we were. >> peterson's team thought it was an open and shut case. defense attorney steve
3:35 pm
greenberg. >> they had nothing except for, well, they were getting divorced and we don't have any other suspects so he must have done it. >> there was no physical evidence, no sign of forced entry, there was no fingerprints, no dna, no eyewitnesses, simply nothing to prove it wasn't an accident. >> but the legendary attorney steve glasko completely disagreed. >> with 29 years of experience, there was no doubt in my mine it wasn't an accident. that was clear. >> glasgow had one of the highest conviction rates in the state and he didn't intend to lose this time. his opening statements were powerful, claiming peterson carried out his constant threats to kill savio and staged to it look like an accident. then glasgow attacked the police force and the investigation. >> drew was treated unlike a civilian would have been treated. they let him be questioned in the break room of his own police department.
3:36 pm
>> were they experts in homicide? >> no. the lead investigator had never done a homicide, a crime scene tech decided very early on, almost immediately, that this was an accident. and collected no evidence, preserved no evidence, really didn't do much of an investigation at all. >> glasgow argued peterson had the opportunity and means for murder. but he needed hard evidence. for that, he called peterson's dead and missing wives. kathleen and stacy were brought to life before the jury whose statements they had made while they were alive. normally this would be called hearsay and not be admissible. but this judge allowed it. ? in essence, what you're basically allowing the victim to testify is from the grave. >> what was so troubling about that was it wasn't really evidence. it never should have come in. >> first to take the stand, susan dolman. kathleen savio's sister.
3:37 pm
>> it was scary. but i was determined. >> determined to get justice by telling the jury exactly what kathleen had told her drew said. >> he told me he was going to kill me. he said he is going to make it look like an accident and no one will ever know. >> as dolman spoke, a silence came over the room. jurors were riveted. peterson was stone-faced. >> he looked at me. he didn't turn away. so i looked at him briefly like i'm here. >> he looked more tired. almost resigned to whatever happened. >> pastor neil shory who counseled drew and his fourth wife was next. he testified that drew told him that he asked her to cover up for him the night savio died. >> he very clearly told her to lie about where he was. and to cover it up. and he actually said to her, this will be the perfect crime.
3:38 pm
>> an alibi demolished when jurors also learned peterson was present when police interviewed stacy. >> he was right next to her, right on top of her practically coaching her. the fact that he was even present for that interview is mind-boggling. >> the testimony, damning. yet peterson and his dream team were still convinced there was reasonable doubt. >> they had not done anything to put drew peterson at the scene of kathleen's death. >> the prosecution rested. the defense took over and successfully started to question the lack of physical evidence. then a bizarre turn of events. kathleen savio's defense attorney harry smith was called to the stand by the defense to discredit stacy. >> and i literally laughed and said, no they're not. >> but they were. smith was contacted by stacy peterson days before her disappearance. the defense thought smith would
3:39 pm
testify that stacy would say anything to get money from drew when they divorced. instead, smith testified that stacy told him, drew killed kathleen. >> i could not fathom how it would help anything i was saying. i couldn't. i couldn't see what this was doing for their case. >> it was the worst thing that i've ever been a part of in a courtroom. it was awful. >> after smith's bombshell testimony, the defense team publicly put on a brave face. >> strong day. strong day. >> they tried to recover with their final witness. drew and kathleen's own son. thomas testified, he did not believe his father killed his mother. his father, drew peterson, never testified. >> it's very difficult to sit in there and see someone who you think maybe hurt someone close to you. >> throughout the murder trial
3:40 pm
for kathleen savio, candace aikin hoped for some clues about her missing niece stacy. >> did your eyes ever meet? >> yes. >> what did you see? >> coldness, i guess. >> but were they cold eyes of a killer? the jury deliberates, a verdict is reached when we come back. ♪ if you want a paint that's tough enough to protect from the elements. if you want a paint flexible enough to survive the subtle cracking of time. if you want a paint that gives you a lifetime warranty... only this can. aura exterior from benjamin moore. paint like no other. what do a nasca comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat
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after three weeks and 44 witnesses, the only thing that could save drew peterson from prison was 12 jurors. >> i know this is a jury that's very thoughtful. they're going to make sure they come to the right conclusion. >> as everyone waited, emotions were running high. would drew peterson be found guilty of killing his third wife kathleen savio? savio's family was anxious. >> we're sitting here waiting and every minute that we're waiting is nervousness. >> i was here in the beginning for my sister and i'm here to the end. >> the end came sooner than they expected. after just two days of deliberation, a verdict. outside, a crowd gathered. inside, the jury assembled.
3:45 pm
>> i was in that room, in the court. >> candace aikin was there when the verdict was read. >> what was that like? >> that was a very intense moment. >> i remember crying before the verdict, scared to death. i heard it and i -- i was stunned. >> it was the one word savio's sister had waited so long to hear. guilty. >> and i hugged my sister and we said, we did it. we got him. now he can't hurt anybody else. >> did he look at you? >> no. he looked at the jury. he stared at them. >> he turns to the deputies, he
3:46 pm
says, i guess this will mess up the holidays. you know, that's drew peterson. he deals with adverse situations with, by joking and comedy. >> but no one outside was laughing. from the family, an emotional bittersweet celebration. >> finally, somebody heard kathleen's cry. 12 people did the right thing up there. >> she got justice and a cold-blooded killer up there. >> from peterson's defense team, more strange humor. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> my next -- thank you. my next performance. >> and from prosecutor james glasgow -- a triumphant victory lap. >> he was a thug. he would threaten people because he had a gun and a badge and nobody ever took him on. we took him on now and he lost.
3:47 pm
>> and we would soon learn why. when the jurors spoke out. >> the lawyers' testimony was the one that got us the most. >> remember, divorce attorney smith testified that stacy peterson told him drew killed kathleen. >> i can't tell you before harry smith was called, we were going to win that case but i can tell you after harry smith was called, we were probably going to lose that case. >> a loss that carried up to 60 years in prison for drew peterson. at the sentencing hearing, susan doman pleaded for the max. >> he has no remorse. he killed my sister. i have to live with that. every day i have to recover from that. >> peterson's silence at trial was replaced with anger when he addressed the judge at sentencing. >> he got up on the stand in
3:48 pm
that shrill feminine screech that he didn't kill kathy. that's the guy that killed kathy. you got a glimpse into his soul. >> i wasn't going to take the double. i was not going to let him say that. my reply was you're a liar. you did kill her. >> peterson seethed, calling the trial the largest railroad job ever. he lashed out at him, to never forget what you've done here. >> i don't know that anything anything wrong with it. if it made him happy to vent, it made him happy to vent. >> but his outburst could not save him. almost nine years after he murdered kathleen savio, he was sentenced to 38 years. not eligible for release until he is 93 years old. >> the reason i never looked drew peterson in the eye is because i never acknowledged his existence. i looked him in the eye today.
3:49 pm
he knows that we did our job. >> but glasgow's job was far from over. stacy peterson was still missing. >> we have to catch our breath and begin a review of the evidence in that case. >> do you want that? do you want drew to be charged with the murder of stacy? >> i do if he is the one who has done this, i do. i do want justice. i believe in justice. and i do want justice for stacy. >> that justice may have to wait though. peterson and glasgow were sent to square off yet again. a shocking turn when we come back. mike fincham was diagnosed with colorectal
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behind the barbed wire, armed guards and prison bars, 61-year-old drew peterson is serving a 38--year-sentence for murdering his third wife, and confined and away from the general population, this serial husband is reportedly looking for wife number five. >> they say drew is getting marriage proposals, and they say women are still interested in
3:54 pm
him. >> do you think he has forgotten stacy? >> maybe he wants to, but i don't know that he could ever forget her. >> and candace akin won't let him, and she is in touch with peterson frequently, exchanging letters over the years. >> do you sense in his writing, what emotion? >> anger, frustration? >> probably frustration more. >> that he is not free? >> yeah. >> that is something peterson is actively trying to change. he is appealing his conviction. >> he claims that, even though drew had six attorneys representing him, the lead attorney was ineffective council and because of that drew didn't get a fair trial. >> that's just the typical accusation that they make, and the lawyer should have done this or that. the strategic decisions as a matter of law cannot be an effective assistance.
3:55 pm
>> greensburg is now leading the appeal and disagrees with brodsky. he argues they failed on many levels, first when they called the divorce attorney to testify. >> i can't imagine why you would want to call a witness to have them say that your client committed the crime. >> greensburg also argued the hearsay evidence, what they told others about drew, his behavior and guilt should never have been admitted. >> the here say testimony doesn't place drew at the scene of the crime if there was a crime, and there wasn't. >> peterson is confident the court will rule in his favor. >> rightly so he should win his appeal. >> a win that could make peterson a free man, but not if this man has his way. >> if i have anything to do with it, hopefully it will end with him getting a lot more time on
3:56 pm
top of what he is already doing. >> illinois state's attorney, jeremy walker, has a new case against peterson, a revenge plot organized by peterson from behind bars, targeting the man who put him there. >> he wanted somebody killed and was willing to pay for it. >> according to sources even side the investigation, authorities used eavesdropping devices and an informent to record peterson ordering a hit on the prosecutor glasgow. >> drew peterson, everything is a surprise and it doesn't stop. >> and there is the case of missing wife number four, stacy peterson. and they still follow-up on tips and leads, and clues that many believe will point right at drew peterson. >> do you believe that drew peterson killed stacy? >> 100%.
3:57 pm
>> pastor neal shory remembers one day in 2006 before stacy went missing that drew peterson made a startling confession. >> you know, neil, what is interesting about me, he said i have done a lot of bad things in my life, and he said, but i never felt bad for one thing i ever have done. and i have talked with many people, and i never heard somebody say before they never felt guilty for anything they ever have done, and i believe in some ways he was giving the safest confession he could give. >> an eerie confession that he believes was what to come. >> knowing what i know now, i would do so many things differently, and that is hard, extremely hard. >> dear god, your gut knows. i am so thankful for our times we shared.
3:58 pm
>> candace akin also lives with regret, the regret she remembers the last time she saw stacy alive, and it was just ten days before she disappeared. >> that's when i saw the fear that was in her eyes, and the stress that she was under. >> looking back, akin now wishes she had forced stacy to leave with her. >> we said she could come to california and i don't think she felt like she had a real place to go. >> more than seven years after she vanished the house stacy called home is where her two children still live. >> when you see them, do you talk to them about their mother? >> as much as they want to talk about her i do. we talk about good times. that's as far as we go. >> two innocent children growing up without their mother, just like kathleen's two sons.
3:59 pm
>> that's the real tragedy. you have four children that don't have mothers anymore. >> they also lost a father? >> true, they did, they have. >> do you believe he murdered stacy? >> i believe that he did. i do. >> you have to be angry. >> i have gone through the shock and grief and anger, but i have forgiven him. >> what gives you the strength? >> believing that god is going to turn this all around and bring us out of it somehow, but i don't know how. my middle name is faith and now i think i know why, because i was going to need a lot of it. >> faith that one day stacy will be found, faith that one day justice will be served.
4:00 pm
orange county fire rescue. >> 6600 sea harbor drive. seaworld stadium. >> okay. >> we actually have a trainer the water with one of our whales. the whale they're not supposed to be in the water with. >> okay. we'll get someone in route. >> through gate number 3 to shamu stadium. >> gate 3. >> orange county sheriff's office.


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